Conference format: The conference will be virtual, hosted on the Virtual Chair platform. The presentation for your paper will consist of:

  1. A live 10-min. talk during the conference.
  2. A pre-recorded (up to) 25-min. talk that will be uploaded prior to the conference.
  3. A “poster” to facilitate discussion on your paper in the discussion session right after your live presentation session.

Each session will consist of various live 10-minute talks, with 1 min. allotted for questions immediately after the talk. The live-presentation session will be followed by a discussion session, where further questions can be taken.

There will also be an invited plenary talk.

Detailed instructions for authors: Your 10-minute talk should not be your 25-minute pre-recorded talk at 2.5x speed!  Think of this as an advertisement for the audience to go watch the long talk, or to follow up during the discussion time.

Each live-presentation session will be followed by a short break and discussion time. During this discussion session, the authors from the previous live-presentation session should be available for further questions and discussion. Each speaker should submit a “poster” to display for the discussion.  The format of the “poster” is left to you: it can be a slide(s) (possibly from your talk) highlighting the salient points of your paper to facilitate discussion, or a full-fledged poster. (We understand that preparing two talks is already time consuming.)